Israel Subversion of Microsoft to Influence 2020 Elections

Streamed live on Jul 22, 2019
The Harsh Reality is a YouTuber focusing on issues related to Israel and ethnic supremacy.

02:23 What is happening with Microsoft?
04:44 The Fukushima reactor
06:26 Concerned Citizen Action
09:20 What can be done about selling U.S. secrets?
13:13 Zionist Derailment of Grassroots Movements
20:45 Teaching your children Civic involvement
24:04 Responsibility
24:44 Israel’s Prominence and its effect on discourse
28:58 Selling us our own technology
32:26 Israel in the Tech Sphere
34:43 Immigration Numbers
37:18 Underestimating our Influence
40:07 Closing Remarks

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The Sperg Box

For all the years I have invested in study and thought, learning and theory – I can still not honestly tell you with pure conviction any of the things I really want to. While I consider this a personal failing, I can (egotistically) maintain my personal equanimity, conviction and integrity. And my agnosticism forces me to continuously check my beliefs, and unbeliefs, my doubts and biases. I suppose that at this phase of my life I am grateful for even this, for my drive to seek, to know, to feel and be and understand – has made me a man of depth. This depth has put me at odds with some, and driven a wedge between myself and most. But, it is all I know. And I know what I want.

I want to tell you that (the) God(s) are waiting with open arms to receive us. I want to…

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The Curiously Quick History of the Dumbbell

The Sperg Box

While it may not be a topic of immediate interest to most, it is such a one of great value to me. I see my Dumbbells, my Barbells and Kettlebells every day. It actually wasn’t until fairly recently that I began to wonder about the origin of one of my favourite strength training implements. The word always comforted me, having an unmistakable Anglo-Saxon gleam. Dumbbell. Dumb Bell. I hadn’t a clue how Anglo-Saxon it really is.

The Bell takes us back to England. Why not? In fact, the Dumbbell’s gonna take you straight to Church. In more civilised times, the English had strict social organisations. Chiefly in the form of the village. In the Medieval Era, the Church was the centre of the village. In such times, when the tightly organised English village still rotated around church life, everyone had a specific role in the village.

Enter the Bell Ringer…

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The 5 Ss of Xenoestrogen Warfare

The American Sun

How often is it that you read some article and out of nowhere the writer drops that the food, the liquid, the material is a known estrogenic? It is in our water with contraceptive pill residue. Our receipts have some. Our hand soap has some. At some point, we will read that chemtrails are not poisons but are aerosol bits of birth control sprayed overhead. Any other impurity would be a national scandal as evident by our hyper-aggressive EPA that makes sure manufacturers cannot in-source manufacturing for fear of exceeding 1 parts per million pollution levels. Turning the nation into feminized, doughy masses is a-okay.

How does one fight back? The broader environment is poisoned by these hormones. If the sandbox that the system maintains is radioactive, then we must learn how to navigate it, cover ourselves in lead lined suits and throw out the radioactive bits when we can…

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