Deviancy Spreads From Our Elite

The American Sun

Current Year America is a pretty weird place. Does anyone feel safe anymore if in mixed political company or a blue area saying anything of social, sexual or cultural effect? How did it get so weird? How do things catch on though? How does S&M move from the dungeons, unspoken parlors and clubs to commonplace discussion among friends? Deviancy makes its way from the top of the status chain down with the help of the media.

Any person’s status is made up of a basket of items: wealth, looks, job, education level, home, geographic location, religious affiliation, etc. A sexually deviant behavior is by definition a behavior that is not normal. It deviates from the norm. Being abnormal, especially in the bedroom would be a hit to one’s status. In order to secure your spot in the status range of your desired class, you better have great measures for all…

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No One Knows What’s Going On

Artificial Intelligence. Great Reset. New Normal. Fourth Industrial Revolution. Covid-19. Lockdown. Israel West Bank Annexation July 1. Police brutality. BLM. Antifa. Open Society. Anonymous. Occupy. WikiLeaks. Vax. Iran-Contra. 9/11. Mujahideen. Epstein. ZOG. China. Agenda 2030. MSM. European Union. Stakeholder Capitalism. Freeway Rick Ross. Pandemic. It's all connected.

Defund The Elites

The American Sun

Submitted by Frank Ditko

The Left’s push to “defund the police” is now in full swing, with the Minneapolis City Council voting to dismantle that city’s police department and leftists nationwide calling for similar measures elsewhere. Although defunding the police is substantively stupid (assuming generously that leftists care about the safety of the inner-city poor), it is politically clever. The Left has identified a rival power bloc–police departments and their unions–and has seized on an excuse to deprive that rival of its lifeblood: money. The Right can and should learn from this. Who are ourenemies, and how might we starve those beasts? A few answers come to mind.

1. Starve Hollywood and the Media–Abolish Copyright.

The entertainment industries hate you and have conducted a decades-long campaign to marginalize your views and promote degeneracy. While they have been wildly successful in that endeavor, their success is not cause to be…

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Diversity Destroys Culture


Jared Taylor of American Renaissance explain that an America free of racial diversity would be free of race riots, discrimination, and white privilege. He cites Harvard research showing that diversity destroys trust, and argues that diversity reduces culture to the lowest common denominator. Ultimately, mass immigration and intermarriage could even lead to the disappearance of whites, along with their culture.



American Renaissance

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