Fascism Is A Step Towards Liberty

Radical Capitalist

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As many of you know, the target audience of Radical Capitalist (RadCap) ranges from right leaning libertarians/AnCaps to the Alt-right. RadCap wishes to demonstrate the complementary nature of libertarianism and the Alt-Right, and seeks to forge a union between the two. (For more on this see “For A Libertarian Alt-Right“.) This union would remedy the short comings that tend to prevail in each respective movement, namely the socio-cultural ignorance of many libertarians and the political/economic ignorance of many alt-righters. Thus, RadCap has taken a strategic and holistic approach to furthering the ends of revitalizing the West and ultimately destroying the State. Contrary to the claims of lolberts and left-“libertarians”, such an approach does not require a breach in libertarian principle, an endorsement of aggression, a repudiation of private property, nor an expansion of State power.

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