A Border War: Destroy The Cartels

The American Sun

Editor’s Note: With President Trump finally taking a step towards going after the cartels in an overt fashion by possibly designating them a terror org, we are re-running this old essay of Landry’s with some updates. “Destroy The Cartels” because it is either fight them now or wait for them to put the fight to us on their terms.It’s amazing what you can find in discarded email accounts.

As the faceless bureaucracy in Washington stymies President Donald Trump’s modest attempts at demonstrating national sovereignty, it is wise to look beyond one term. Regardless of who is in Washington today, there looms a growing problem that will only expand at our border as it spills into America’s southwest. The American empire must address a problem within the core. That issue is the problem of vicious Mexican drug cartels, if it has any chance of maintaining sovereignty and territorial integrity.


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