Circa along time ago, I was a user of Usenet. Without getting into pedantic, semantic hoopla here – Usenet was the original place where people of all walks of life could congregate in a digital sphere and share ideas, debate, information – with no monetary incentive or motivation. Curiosity brought people together. Things I found back then:

  • Electronic music scene
  • Strength & conditioning routines
  • Forums on all types of subject matter
  • Commentary on current events
  • Opinions on our ecology(ie society, economy, etc)
  • Predictions for the future
  • Unpopular political dissent
  • Brainstorming of cool technology ideas
  • Experiences traveling around the world
  • Automobiles
  • Learning TCP/IP protocols
  • Discover esoteric literature and art
  • The most witty fucking one liners ever
  • Essays, papers, dissertations – whatever – about all kinds of stuff.

The information superhighway has devolved into a cesspool of dishonest harmony powered by revenue stream motivation. Manipulated Goolag search results, tampered Faceberg news feeds, Shitter having become a place where the blue check mark mafia of “journalists” that have subsistent investigative core competencies (perhaps they DO have a knack for discovery however they would lose their livelihood if they weren’t simply mouthpieces of their employers) –   yet they regurgitate politically correct platitudes and ordinary people get sucked into the pozzed-up malfeasance of YOU KNOW WHO.

This is a place I simply appreciate what others have written, or drawn, or video’d – whatever. I enjoy sharing it.

Perhaps I could take the time to categorize and compartmentalize a new blog soon.