Know More News w/ Brother Nathanael – Excellent Discussion

Myron C Fagan – Redpills

This recording was made in 1967. He delves into hidden history behind international central banking, wars, Zionism, the impact of secret societies...worth a listen..


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TRS – TDS #538

SUBSCRIBE FOR PREMIUM CONTENT! The Fake Government Club Too Pro Iran? Trump, Jignat Avatar Asian News Bobs Deadly IUDs Dual Citizen Desert Boomer Schlomo Force Destiny and Justice Alien González Mystery Meat Rave at Mount Zion TFW Seinfeld is More Principled RSS Backup RSS The Right Stuff Dot Biz PO Box 1069 Hopewell Junction, NY … Continue reading TRS – TDS #538

FTN – Focus: Sellout Nation

Fash the Nation: Source: Episode Topics: 00:00:00 - Pre Hart-Celler Deep Dive00:05:00 - The Rot of 177600:25:00 - Serious Country History00:35:00 - Proto Kosher Sandwich01:00:00 - Whom We Shall Welcome01:14:00 - Prop 187 Rabbit Hole01:24:00 - Suppressing Progressivism01:34:00 - Manifest (Electoral) Destiny and the American West01:40:00 - Better Baby01:50:00 - We Lived in a … Continue reading FTN – Focus: Sellout Nation