Millenniyule 2019 – December 22, 23

The Golden One: Xurious: Semiogogue: JF Gariepy: The Jolly Heretic: The Distributist: Dangerfield: The Absolute State of Britain: Mark Collett: Annika Skywalker: On the Offensive:

Millenniyule 2019: December 20

Millennial Woes with Survive the Jive, Critical Condition, Artemisian Aristocrat and Philosophocat.

National Justice – The Battle for Gun Rights in Virginia

Source: National Justice - by Ahab Recent events in Virginia are teaching rural and working class white America a lesson about what they can expect when they are electorally outnumbered and replaced in their own state. Gun control is the order of the day, and in spite of vocal protests in city council meetings and … Continue reading National Justice – The Battle for Gun Rights in Virginia

Millenniyule 2019 – Millennial Woes Wednesday 18th 3pmSargon of Akkad 5pmGreg Johnson 7pmJames Allsup Thursday 19th 3pmCount Dankula 5pmThe Iconoclast 7pmJared Taylor Friday 20th 3pmSurvive the Jive 5pmCritical Condition 7pmArtemisian Aesthetic 9pmPhilosophicat Saturday 21st 3pmThe Golden One 5pmXurious 7pmSemiogogue 9pmJF Gariepy Sunday 22nd 3pmThe Jolly Heretic 7pmThe Distributist 9pmDangerfield Monday 23rd 3pmThe Absolute State of Britain 5pmMark Collett 7pmOrwell … Continue reading Millenniyule 2019 – Millennial Woes