Third Position

Advocacy to preserve heritage, customs, race, religion, culture and tradition are not to be conflated with fear, hate nor exclusionary intentions.

Break free from the left/right horseshoe dichotomy of “democracy”…and choose to be ABOVE. The Third Position. Bold stances on workers rights, health care for all, environmentalism, social justice… concurrent with freedom of expression, association and speech. The duty to stand up for one’s own nation-state’s sovereignty. Private property ownership. The right to bare arms. Wholesome economic pursuits.

America is a Republic, not a Democracy. The key distinction between the two rests with the immutability of a doctrine laid forth by the nation’s founders. Democracy is divisive in nature from the get-go.

Voting…it’s political theatre…for certain, candidates from the left or right, socialists or capitalists, liberals or conservatives, Democrats or Republicans – whatever – it solidifies a politician’s right to hold office. And make a career. What we have in Washington DC are politicians that are concerned with their next election. Many politicians were grassroots, concerned citizens. Ultimately, they realize they must acquiesce to the “establishment”…if they want a career. This is all political theatre. It’s entertainment. If your vote counted in terms of instituting policy change – you’d not be allowed to vote.

A politician is concerned with being re-elected. A true statesperson, is desperately concerned for the future of their homeland. People with such leanings are deemed fanatical/authoritarian/crazy by the establishment. Because a true STATESPERSON knows that the rouse of a vote will not actually negate nature. Natural Order. Objective Reality. Traditionalism….the Third Position…..and therefore – circa 2019, those that have the makings of a statesperson; a nationalist, a dissident, a radical…are being deplatformed from the public space; cast as dangerous/racist/xenophobic/homophobic/arachnophobic…

The censors only censor those that are telling the truth.

Our patience has reached it’s threshold with this neo-liberal, debt-laden, consumerist, capitalist system, where everything is purposely built to break and be replaced – and not only have people come to accept this- they expect it. Consume product and get excited to consume next product.

And law, spirituality, transcendence, humor/satire/parody, primitive instinctual perspectives on political discourse and common fucking sense have been usurped amazingly enough by a paradigm that merges church and state…and the order of the day is called POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. This ideology condenms wrong think; we must conduct ourselves with dishonest harmony. And to ever suggest engaging in intellectually honest conflict is high treason.

Volition or will is the cognitive process by which an individual decides on and commits to a particular course of action. It is defined as purposive striving and is one of the primary human psychological functions. We call this agency. AGENCY. Do you have agency? The “will to power“? What’s best – the wrong decision…or indecision?

Third Position. Æther. You’re not alone.