TRS TDS #451 Conscious Nationalism

With guest James Allsup Queer hhlatino Carlos Maza Triggered by Steven CrowderNot starvin' for the kosher sandwichMedia Gatekeeping and youThe Merchant MinuteYoutube deeply concerned about extremists discussing sexual harassment at the SPLCWhy woke capital won't go brokeNationalism with a social conscience

TRS TDS #450 – Intersectional Aardvark

Sven is on vacation, Mike and Alex are joined by Mark Collet. Mark and the lads dust off Sargon, Liberalistism and big capitalist Gay Pride Month. Mark Collet dusts off Sargon and discusses the collapse of UKIPThe Absolute State of LiberalistismThe proper use of rape in a political debateExtremely online liberalism is a failed political … Continue reading TRS TDS #450 – Intersectional Aardvark

Eric Striker and Borzoi with Ahab (Parts 1 & 2)

The People's Square crew sits with Ahab, prominent author from They discuss in-depth on the Third Position, National Socialism, the volk, wars for Bagels and a wide span of social, political, economic, ecological subjects - whilst maintaining their integrity as proper men of virtue. Streamed May 19, 2019 Streamed April 26, 2019