Hallmark Caves….

Globohomogayplex...the neo-liberal, pro-corporatist, pro-war, anti-freespeech, anti-faith, anti-reality thing.... https://youtu.be/6MH0AV-EByQ

TRS TDS 480 Punching Up

Mike Enoch and Alex McNabb discuss Marvel comics rise to riches via poZ, Adderall and the general day to day fuckery of life in the neo-liberal, debt-laden, borderless, raceless, consumerist, capitalist multicultural hellscape... Comic book nostalgia/pozzBig comic companies raking in dough from movies, local shops fail due to wokenessMechanics of stimulant useSkills deficit/domain dependencyThe Merchant … Continue reading TRS TDS 480 Punching Up

Superficial Post-Modernism

By Alex McNabb As the slider continues to move from ClownWorld to PissEarth, we’re treated to the continuing spectacle of transgender incoherence. One recent theme is addressing how your lack of attraction to chicks-with-dicks signals a profound lack of personal evolution on YOUR part. I hope this article is entirely superfluous since the disgust reflex … Continue reading Superficial Post-Modernism