Most IoT devices are being compromised by exploiting rudimentary vulnerabilities

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Cybercriminals are looking for ways to use trusted devices to gain control of Internet of Things (IoT) devices via password cracking and exploiting other vulnerabilities, such as through the exploitation via voice assistants, according to the latest Mobile Threat Report unveiled by McAfee.

iot devices exploited rudimentary vulnerabilities

With over 25 million voice assistants in use across the world, these devices are often connected to other things in the home controlling lights, thermostats, door locks and more. More devices mean greater connectivity and convenience for their owners, but connectivity also means more opportunities for malicious deeds.

?Most IoT devices are being compromised by exploiting rudimentary vulnerabilities, such as easily guessable passwords and insecure default settings,? said Raj Samani, McAfee fellow and chief scientist at McAfee. ?From building botnets, to stealing banking credentials, perpetrating click fraud, or threatening reputation damage unless a ransom is paid, money is the ultimate goal for criminals.?

?The rapid growth…

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