FTN 313: Schlomo Doberman Pinscher Lazar

With West Bank and Jordan Valley annexation on the horizon, Jazz and James build on the concept of “Finkel Think” as a method for controlling, managing, and manipulating political destinies of white European countries for Israeli interests. The rise of Netanyahu, Putin, Trump, and fake nationalists across Europe and Latin America all share common threads: … Continue reading FTN 313: Schlomo Doberman Pinscher Lazar

FTN – Focus: Sellout Nation

Fash the Nation: Source: https://therightstuff.biz/2019/12/28/ftn-focus-sellout-nation/ Episode Topics: 00:00:00 - Pre Hart-Celler Deep Dive00:05:00 - The Rot of 177600:25:00 - Serious Country History00:35:00 - Proto Kosher Sandwich01:00:00 - Whom We Shall Welcome01:14:00 - Prop 187 Rabbit Hole01:24:00 - Suppressing Progressivism01:34:00 - Manifest (Electoral) Destiny and the American West01:40:00 - Better Baby01:50:00 - We Lived in a … Continue reading FTN – Focus: Sellout Nation

Millenniyule 2019 – Millennial Woes

https://youtu.be/BS8fRmkMssU Wednesday 18th 3pmSargon of Akkad 5pmGreg Johnson 7pmJames Allsup Thursday 19th 3pmCount Dankula 5pmThe Iconoclast 7pmJared Taylor Friday 20th 3pmSurvive the Jive 5pmCritical Condition 7pmArtemisian Aesthetic 9pmPhilosophicat Saturday 21st 3pmThe Golden One 5pmXurious 7pmSemiogogue 9pmJF Gariepy Sunday 22nd 3pmThe Jolly Heretic 7pmThe Distributist 9pmDangerfield Monday 23rd 3pmThe Absolute State of Britain 5pmMark Collett 7pmOrwell … Continue reading Millenniyule 2019 – Millennial Woes

TRS TDS #451 Conscious Nationalism

With guest James Allsup Queer hhlatino Carlos Maza Triggered by Steven CrowderNot starvin' for the kosher sandwichMedia Gatekeeping and youThe Merchant MinuteYoutube deeply concerned about extremists discussing sexual harassment at the SPLCWhy woke capital won't go brokeNationalism with a social conscience