Know More News – Confronting Rise in anti-Semitism

The Porn Debate: Styx v. E Michael Jones

Was steamed today on D-Live. Not much was accomplished. Styx deflects. E Michael Jones is sincere. Still an interesting exchange. Waiting for Styx to debate Eric Striker on the issue of porn and it's malfeasant influence on societal norms.

Big List of Bitchute Channels:

As the YouTube purge is inevitable, Bitchute Channels remain: November 28, 2019British nationalists:The Iconoclast Mark Collett Way of the World Dr. Edward Dutton Morgoth Laura Towler On the Offensive Earthling Carl Millennial Woes Simon Harris You Kipper Horus Daughter of Albion Secret Sources Snow Shadow Dangerfield Martin Willett Michael Bruce Snow Libertas Metapolitics American … Continue reading Big List of Bitchute Channels: